Weigh Scales Upgrade Design Improvements

Strengthened robust design
• Designed for long life
• Industrial tough appearance
• Exposed stainless cap screws

Improved ergonomics
• New rotary dial
• Raised keypad for accurate data entry (W610 & W810)
• Rugged large push buttons for easy selection

New Features (EID Models)
*• Bluetooth wireless connectivity to EID tag readers (W810 only)
*• Backlit screen for in shed use (W610 & W810)


Weigh Scale W210 G01205



Livestock Manager TSi 2 G01901

(The top of the line choice in Weigh Scales, the TSi 2 facilitates quick and efficient decisions out on farm with immediate access to all records, anywhere, anytime, in the yard, office or on the farm)

Livestock Management

  • Comprehensive drafting capability - draft by weight, EID number or any other user-defined rule
  • Accurate livestock inventory reporting - automatically updates animal's on farm status when an event is added, know exactly how many animals are 'on' or 'off' farm at any time
  • Stock availability reporting - predict the number of animals within a desired weight range at a given date
  • Easily customise weighing and data recording sessions - automatically collect specific animal ID, traits, activities, notes and life data
  • Record observations or future actions - such as withholding periods and unlimited notes per animal
  • Evaluate breeding performance - use the graphical family tree to quickly visualise and review
  • Award-winning Animal Performance Systems Software (APS) PROFESSIONAL- The best on-board farm analysis software available now has a supremely easy to use menu system to make it even simpler to find and use the data collected.
  • WIFI - easily transfer animal information directly to NAIT or to a web based farm management system (eg: Aghub)
  • Speed- market leading Fast Weigh Software dramatically increases weight lock speeds with outstanding accuracy.
  • See the fast weigh software in action
  • Also, check out Livestock Manager TSi 2 key feature diagram
  • Check out the Weigh Scale and Data Recorder Comparison Chart for further information


  • Easy to use touch screen with large buttons
  • Tough farm ready design for all weather use
  • Storage capacity for 1,000,000 weigh records
  • Bluetooth wireless connection plus two serial ports for communicating with other devices such as EID Tag Readers & drafters
  • Plug and play with other in-yard W&EID equipment - loadbars, EID readers, auto drafters and other management software 

 Crop or Pasture Management

  • Crop type and sowing application rates
  • Fertiliser or Spraying rates for individual paddocks
  • Grazing Records - tonnage of dry matter produced, days allocated to a paddock for grazing
  • Harvest yields per paddock or per tonnage

 General On Farm Records

  • Recording servicing of machinery
  • Fuel records - machine, no. kms per run
  • Truck & cartage runs.



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